Scraps Are Money

Scraps Are Money

How many times have we had it driven into us that scraps are money?

Frugal repurposing of usable material is profit. Pieces of chain link can be woven together for larger, usable sections. Cut 2×4/2×6’s can be utilized to frame short fence sections or gates. And broken or damaged 1x6s can be cut down and installed for shorter fences.

And sometimes the boss just has a cool idea for a Halloween costume to scare the high school age trick-or-treaters.

Pictured: A section of black, chain link with vertical, hedge slats Tahoe Fence made into a landscape, Halloween costume. Steel banding was woven into the chain link to provide some rigidity. Tool belt suspenders clipped to the chain link make it wearable and hands free.

Yeah, the little extra it takes to save scraps can sure be worth it.

What’s your best costume idea?