Add value to the look of your property with one of our ornamental iron (steel) fences. Tahoe Fence sells, repairs, and installs many styles from the simple to the elegant. We can even order or create custom styles to meet your needs.

And similar to our chain link and wood fences, we are able to install an iron fence for you on either metal or wood posts. Usually we concrete posts for steel fences in the ground; however, we can attach your steel fence almost anywhere.

Most styles of ornamental steel Tahoe Fence carries comes in two grades: Standard, which we refer to as our residential type of iron; And commercial, a sturdier and thicker version we recommend for heavy snow load areas and industrial sites.

We usually stair step the height of your ornamental steel fence to follow the grade changes in the ground. With certain styles of iron fences though, Tahoe Fence is able to follow the ground’s contours without stepping your fence.

The most common finish for our iron fences is gloss black. But like our chain link fences, we can install your steel fence in different colors including brown, green, and white. Whichever color you choose, your ornamental steel fence will have at the minimum one coat primer and one finish coat of paint. Almost all of the steel Tahoe Fence installs and sells has a powder coat finish.

Because Tahoe Fence manufactures the majority of its gates, we are able to build gates to compliment your iron fence. And what we are unable to build, we can usually order and install for you.

Call, text, or email Tahoe Fence today to schedule your free, ornamental steel fence estimate.