The vast majority of wood materials Tahoe Fence sells, repairs, and installs are untreated redwood and cedar. We stock pressure treated wood and lodge pole as well.

While most of our wood fences are built on wood posts (such as 4x4s, 4x6s, 6x6s, and 8x8s), it is possible to construct most styles on metal posts. Whichever you choose, posts on solid wood fences are almost always concreted in the ground.

In most of our fences we use construction (rough) grade 1×6 dogear boards. To better serve you, Tahoe Fence is able to provide 1×3, 1×4, 1×8, 1×10, and 1×12 boards for installations and repairs. However, some are increasingly difficult to obtain.

Usually we use 2×4 top and bottom rails. However, many styles of fences we build and repair require more than two rails. They may require 2x2s, 2x6s and even 2x12s in their design. We stock each.

On our basic fence styles, the top rail, usually a 2×4, sits atop the post so its wide face (its 4 inch face) is horizontal. The bottom rail is nailed so its wide face is vertical. This is a strong framing design that Tahoe Fence has used successfully since 1974 around Tahoe, Truckee, Northern Nevada, and the Eastern Sierras.

We are able to taper, as well as step, the height of the fence where there is a grade change. We leave this decision up to you. Many customers like the sharp, distinct look a stair-stepped grade change provides. Others prefer the smooth transition of a tapered fence line.

If you do not want to move your fence around natural obstacles, such as trees or boulders, incorporate them into the fence. Tahoe Fence can build most styles of fences up to a natural obstruction in the fence line without attaching to the object.

We make all of our wood gates on site. This means a matched fit each time for your fence, whether it is a walk gate or a drive gate. If it is a wood slider or cantilever gate you want, we construct the metal frame at our yard and install all the wood on site. For your swing gates we use heavy, black iron hinges and latch hardware, in addition to galvanized drop rods and receivers for your drive gates. These help to keep your gates from sagging through the winters.

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