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Inside Security Enclosures? Yes, we do that.

Yes, we do inside security enclosures.  We are able to build them out of chain link, wire mesh, ornamental steel, even sports netting.  That’s right, we once built an inside soccer enclosure!

We can provide swing gates, slide gates, and pass-through egresses to fit each install location.  They can be set up with standard hardware.  Or depending on the site requirements, we can provided self-closing hinges, panic hardware, and even automated access control.


Pictured:  Chain link enclosures and security gates with self-closing hinges and panic hardware.  Installed with setup for later addition of card-reader access.  Inside a utility company provider at North Lake Tahoe Placer County.)

Some people say the way to get noticed is to make a grand entrance . . .

Some people say the way to get noticed is to make a grand entrance . . .

Biased ornamental steel panels mounted to brick columns and leading to a tilt-up gate at the top of a driveway is a grand entrance.

And when the gate is up in the open position, it gets noticed.

Pictured: Aristocrat panels column mounted with an arched-top, matching tilt-up gate with tree monogram in North Lake Tahoe (Placer County.) Access controls by Awaxx Systems.

Securing the View

Securing the View
Nothing ruins a day at the beach or the pristine views like having to deal with somebody else’s trash. Or worrying about your little ones taking off unsupervised toward the water.
Pictured: Screened ornamental steel gates with mechanical locksets for H.O.A. lake access at Tahoe (Douglas County.)

Ready for 2021?

Ready for 2021?
Here’s to putting a stout fence around 2020 to keep this past year from getting out again. And to wishing you all a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year.
Happy New Year!
Pictured: Guardsman’s modern style, ornamental steel fencing at Incline Village (Washoe County).

Oh, Deer! Christmas is almost here.

Oh, Deer!
Christmas is almost here.
May your Holidays be merry and bright.
And that the Christmas Star brings you comfort each Winter’s night.
Pictured: Carson’s deer eating up for the Winter ahead. A Tahoe Christmas wreath shining bright. The Christmas Star showing in Mound House (Lyon county) through the night.

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” . . .

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” . . .
The song’s name says it all. As we get closer to the first day of Winter, the days are getting shorter, and we’re getting cold, wet weather.
Here are some winter tips for your fences and gates to keep you from getting left out in the cold:
If you need to keep your gates in one position (like closed for your kids or pets,) block up under the gates near the latch side. This will help keep them from binding up under the weight of snow/ice.
If you don’t need your gates in the closed position, leave them open or take them off (if small enough.) It will make it easier if you need to clear snow.
Remember to keep locks, or any metal-on-metal moving parts lubricated and clear of snow and ice to keep from freezing up when it gets really cold.
And probably most important, don’t use automated gates as snow plows to clear the driveway. Unless you like to keep fence companies busy with repairs!
Pictured: Black chain link enclosure in Homewood (Placer County).