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Summer Is Here

Summer is here

Which means long, hot days

BBQ and cookouts

And the Best Of Summer lists. . .

You helped nominate us, now please vote for Tahoe Fence for the Best Fence Company for 2021 Best of Carson City

Pictured: Alternating, horizontal cedar board fencing and gate.

Nature Is Beautiful

Nature Is Beautiful
Wood is a natural and beautiful material. It’s warm, inviting, and unique to the touch.
Our crews installed this redwood privacy fence in South Lake Tahoe. The pine cones scattered around the fence make it look more like a natural part of the property, rather than a beautiful addition.
Pictured: Box style redwood with extra rails, sandwiched and overlapped boards on 6×6 post in South Lake Tahoe (El County.)

Congratulations Class of ’21

Congratulations Class of ’21
It’s been an unprecedented year whichever way you look at it.
Congratulations to the class of ’21 for a job well done.
If you made it through this past year, you should be able to handle whatever the future may hold.
All the best.
Pictured: Old Glory and ’21 on C-Hill in Carson City.

Rustic Looks Good

Rustic Looks Good
Our crews did a nice install on this cedar fence at the lake.
Rustic looks good with split rail and lake cabins.
Pictured: 2-rail, western red cedar split rail fencing in Tahoma (Placer and El Dorado Counties.)

Wishing You A Healthy And Happy Memorial Day

Wishing You A Healthy And Happy Memorial Day
For those who have defended our country, thank you.
Thank you and your families for the sacrifices and possibilities we have today.
We are grateful for your service.
Wishing you all a healthy and happy Memorial Day.
Pictured: Customer’s Old Glory on a 6 foot high, wood fence with cap and face board with a solar-powered, iron slide gate in Carson City.

Protecting What We Value Most

Protecting What We Value Most
Our crews did a beautiful job installing this chain link fence along the bus parking at Riverview Elementary. It’s meant to help keep kids from running across and between the buses as they’re loading and unloading students.
The end of the school year might be close, but lets continue to protect what we value most. Watch our speed in school zones. Look out for students. And be courteous to one another as we’re dropping off and picking up our kids.
Pictured: 4 foot high, galvanized chain link following concrete curb around rounded corners and a fire hydrant in Dayton (Lyon County.)

Beautiful Backdrop

Beautiful Backdrop
Even one of our crews’ more picturesque fences gets a little help from Mother Nature as a beautiful backdrop!
Pictured: Custom, all black steel fence with regal panels topped with framed, welded-rod utility mesh in the Tahoe Keys (El Dorado County.)

That’s A Tall Order

That’s A Tall Order
Baseball backstops can be a tall order. But it’s a challenge Tahoe Fence rises to meet.
All black, chain link – done. 20 feet high with a 5 foot overhang – done and done!
Swing batter, swing!
Pictured: All black, 20 foot high with 5 foot overhang chain link baseball backstop in South Lake Tahoe (El Dorado County.)

Add value to the look of your property with one of our ornamental iron (steel) fences.

Add value to the look of your property with one of our ornamental iron (steel) fences. Tahoe Fence sells, repairs, and installs many styles from the simple to the elegant.
We are able to install an iron fence for you on either metal or wood posts. And we can attach your steel fence almost anywhere.
Most styles of ornamental steel Tahoe Fence carries comes in two grades: Standard, which we refer to as our residential type of iron; And commercial, a sturdier and thicker version we recommend for heavy snow load areas and industrial sites.
We usually stair step the height of your ornamental steel fence to follow the grade changes in the ground. With certain styles of iron fences though, Tahoe Fence is able to follow the ground’s contours without stepping your fence.
Pictured: Commercial, Aristocrat style ornamental steel in downtown Minden (Douglas County.)