Reference Letters

I finally got up to Tahoe to see the fence. Thanks for making the final adjustments. All looks good. . .Thanks again. – N.H. (July 2021)

We are very happy with the fence . . . – N.H. (June 2021)

I walked past the property today and the fences look awesome!! – D.H. (June 2021)

Thank you and your crew for the work they did on the fence. It looks fantastic! – F.P. (June 2021)

Thank you and Chad very much for always providing Great Customer Service! – B (June 2021)

They have been doing an amazing job. Please relay that to the head of operations. – D.H.( June 2021)

The fences and gate are looking great. – S.S. (May 2021)

I wanted to check in with you folks to say thanks. I think the fence is fantastic. I also wanted to express how awesome it was to see how much pride . . . showed in his work.  He really cared and that is rare these days. – P.B. (April 2021)

Thank you to our fence team of four.  Excellent work ethics and respectful workers. – E.M. (January 2021)

THANK YOU.  Tahoe Fence and . . . have been the only two entities in Tahoe that have been responsive or even act professionally or want the work.  And that is over a twenty year period…….I appreciate it. – J.K. (January 2021)

. . . thank you for taking care of the fence at the high school.  It looks great, job well done. – J.A. (January 2021)

Very nice!!! – A.S. (January 2021)

Thank you so much for getting the rails up before New Years.  Can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.  Such a good job and nice guys. – C.M. (January 2021)

We are satisfied with our fence now . . . – K.A. (October 2020)

Crews were amazing.  Very respectful.  Worked very hard.  Absolutely great. – M.W. (October 2020)

I wanted to let you know your guys are doing a GREAT JOB installing the Temporary Fence at the School Sites, thank you.  It looks great and will be an asset for this coming school year. – M.J. (August 2020)

Thank you, the fence is awesome. – L.J. (July 2020)

You guys are the best. You do many custom jobs and it takes a lot of guts to do them for, I am sure, very discerning customer that demand a quality job. Keep up all the good work and thank you for all the business. – D.T. (June 2020)

The fence looks great! – L.D. (May 2020)

We are very happy with the fence – J.C. (May 2020)

Your guys are great, the fence is coming along nicely. B.S. (April 2020)

The guys did a really nice job! It looks great! C.L. (March 2020)

Your guys did an excellent job – F.L. (March 2020)

Outstanding employees – D.C. (March 2020)

The job looks great. – R.S. ( February 2020)

The guys just finished, very pleased. Guys did a great job! Very professional and respectful. Thank you. – S.F. (February 2020)

Your team has done a great job on the fence. Thank you all. – E.B. (January 2020)

Just a quick note to let you know how appreciative we are that you guys were able to get the split rail fence in so quickly and efficiently . . . at the Disk Golf Complex! – G.S. w/E.V.D.G.A. (December 2019)

The repairs look great. – E.A. (December 2019)

Thanks for getting it done before the weather hit . . . – D.N. (November 2019)

Thank you for your kindness. My gates now open and close properly. Great job! – P.B. (November 2019)

Thank you for supporting me, my animals, and Grange for the Yerington Livestock Show. – J.B. (September 2019)

Great job on the fence by the way.  Thank you again. – J.M. (August 2019)

Thank you! – J.H. (July 2019)

Thank you! – H.F. (July 2019)

Thank you for all of your assistance relaying communications with everyone. . . thank you for managing this project to successful conclusion. . . thank you for taking the time to get the fence right. The workmanship is impeccable! – A.G. (July 2019)

Crew that has been out is fabulous! They have done such an amazing job and you have my business forever! – R.E. (July 2019)

Thank you and the fence work looks amazing! – R w/D.C. (May 2019)

Fence looks great! Guys did a good job. – C.R. (March 2019)

Thank you Tahoe Fence. . . I will call for an estimate on gates both sides. – R.S. (February 2019)

Thank you. The job came out great. – G.C. (February 2019)

Thank you! – C.R. (November 2018)

Thank you. – T.W. (October 2018)

Thank you for finishing my side fence. It turned out great. – M.R. (September 2018)

Thank you. We are very happy with the gate. – M.J. (September 2018)

Thank you! Fence looks great! – W.D. (August 2018)

Thank you very much for your services! The fence looks great! – B.D. (July 2018)

The fence repair you did on my lot next to my house looks great! Thanks. – L.T. (July 2018)

We are very happy with how the fence came out. Thank you so much to the hard working crew. – J.M. (July 2018)

Crews did great! Very impressed with their professionalism and manners. Picked up after completing job. – G.C. (May 2018)

Thank you so much for your help with the fence. Your team did a great job – we are happy with the outcome! – A.O. (April 2018)

The project looks great! The free standing section is better than I imagined and will be very versatile for future needs. . . It is worth every penny. – R.W. (February 2018)

Thanks for the great fence and service. – J.Z. (February 2018)

Great work! Appreciate the hard work! – L.K. (February 2018)

Thank you. – J.J. (January 2018)

Your crew did an exceptional job on the re-do of our fence. . .Their pride in workmanship is clearly noticeable. . . We’d like to commend them for their exceptional skill, speed and attention to detail. – D.B. (December 2017)

Excellent job! Thank you. – S.F. (November 2017)

Thanks for a great job! – B.J. (November 2017)

Thank you! I love my fence! – L.D. (October 2017)

Great workers! They did a great job making sure the job was correct. Very pleased with the work. Thank you. – T.H. (October 2017)

Thank you for the beautiful new gate. I certainly didn’t expect the gate to be replaced! – J.B. (October 2017)

Good job. – G.T. (September 2017)

Fence is great – thank you very much! – B.B. (September 2017)

Excellent job as always. – P.I. (September 2017)

Thank you for your patience . . . We love our new fence and gates. You did a wonderful job as usual. – J.Y. (August 2017)

Thank you – Great job! – G.R. (August 2017)

Thanks for a nice job! – D.C. (July 2017)

And thank you to Tahoe Fence – the finished products are beautiful,  and the two men that installed it – start to finish – were amazing! – B.D. (July 2017)

Many many thanks.  I love my new fence! – J.M. (June 2017)

Tahoe Fence, thanks! – D.L. (June 2017)

Just wanted to drop a quick thank you for the job your crew did on our fence line.  Looks great! – J.P. (May 2017)

Thank you!  The job was done beautifully and both fellows were so great – efficient and very thorough.  Thank you for a great job. – N.L. (April 2017)

Thank you!  It is a great fix! – M.F. (April 2017)

Thank you so much for the new fence, It looks beautiful!  And the good neighbor fence too! – D.T. (March 2017)

Thank you! Looks great! – K.A. (March 2017)

Your guys did a great job. Thank you. – A.S. (February 2017)

Thank you! Your team did a great job! – L. (November 2016)

Thank you. Looks great. – B.C (October 2016)

Tahoe Fence Company did a great job. Their pricing was great, they showed up on time and great customer service. – K.S. (August 2016)

Thank you so much for the beautiful fence that you built. I now can enjoy my backyard garden sanctuary in privacy.  Your two employees were very nice and knowledgable. I will definitely recommend you in the future. – D.B. (August 2016)

Thanks, we gave your name to my brother . . . in South Lake Tahoe. – D.N. (July 2016)

I just had a fence installed . . . on a difficult lot . . . and a fairly steep slope. . . I used Tahoe Fence Company and enthusiastically recommend them. They did meticulous work, and when they had problems with the site, they didn’t lower their standards to try and save money. . . while their price was competitive, their work was still first rate. – M.D. ( June 2016)

Thanks so much for the great work on our fence in Tahoma and the repair work after winter. We couldn’t be more pleased! – M.P. (June 2016)

Great job!  Pleasure doing business with you. You have great people doing a great job. – K.M. (May 2016)

Tahoe Fence thank you so much it worked out perfectly. – T. (April 2016)

I want to thank you and the install crew for an amazing job on our fence.  It looks great and we love it.  The attention to detail that I asked for and expected was met without question… Thanks again for the great install and the excellent customer service that you provided. – D.B. (March 2016)

Repairs look beautiful! Very pleased.  Thank you. – G.M. (March 2016)

Thanks for a great job! – P.H. (March 2016)

Thank you for the awesome work!  Will be using you again! – R.O. (February 2016)

Thank you and everyone for the beautiful job on my mom’s fence … Looking forward to enjoying it! – Y.T. (November 2015)

You did our fence last week.  Your guys did a great job.  Very Pleased! – D.C. (October 2015)

Thank you so much for doing a spectacular job!!!!  I’m amazed and appreciate how much effort was put into the moving of rocks and placing them immediately next to the fence… all looks as if all was previously designed to look just like it does.  Thank you so much for such a professionally beautiful job well done!! – J.S. (May 2015)

Thank you for the great service.  The fence looks great and is awesome! – J.A. (March 2015)