Beautiful Backdrop

Beautiful Backdrop
Even one of our crews’ more picturesque fences gets a little help from Mother Nature as a beautiful backdrop!
Pictured: Custom, all black steel fence with regal panels topped with framed, welded-rod utility mesh in the Tahoe Keys (El Dorado County.)

That’s A Tall Order

That’s A Tall Order
Baseball backstops can be a tall order. But it’s a challenge Tahoe Fence rises to meet.
All black, chain link – done. 20 feet high with a 5 foot overhang – done and done!
Swing batter, swing!
Pictured: All black, 20 foot high with 5 foot overhang chain link baseball backstop in South Lake Tahoe (El Dorado County.)

Add value to the look of your property with one of our ornamental iron (steel) fences.

Add value to the look of your property with one of our ornamental iron (steel) fences. Tahoe Fence sells, repairs, and installs many styles from the simple to the elegant.
We are able to install an iron fence for you on either metal or wood posts. And we can attach your steel fence almost anywhere.
Most styles of ornamental steel Tahoe Fence carries comes in two grades: Standard, which we refer to as our residential type of iron; And commercial, a sturdier and thicker version we recommend for heavy snow load areas and industrial sites.
We usually stair step the height of your ornamental steel fence to follow the grade changes in the ground. With certain styles of iron fences though, Tahoe Fence is able to follow the ground’s contours without stepping your fence.
Pictured: Commercial, Aristocrat style ornamental steel in downtown Minden (Douglas County.)

April Showers . . .

April Showers . . .
April showers bring fence flowers!
Some of the earliest fences and screens were hedges, shrubs, vines, and briar type bushes (fence installers least favorite to work around!) Just add water and watch it grow.
If you can’t wait for Mother Nature to do the installation, contact Tahoe Fence. We’re busy, but our installation schedule will take less time than it will take for a hedge to grow.
Pictured: Wisteria vine growing through chain link fence with barbed wire top in Mound House (Lyon County.)

It’s Spring So It’s Time To Play Ball

It’s Spring So It’s Time To Play Ball
Spring baseball and softball is here. So it’s time to play ball.
To help make the games more enjoyable for what ever number of fans are able to attend, our crews built a shade-structure frame for Carson High Softball over the bleachers.
Pictured: 20 foot high, galvanized shade-structure with welded trusses over softball bleachers in Carson City.

In Time For Spring

In Time For Spring
Our crews finished this 1,500 linear feet of 8 foot high, deer and orchard fence out in Yerington just in time for Spring!
The project took a little work considering the rolls of wire are 330 feet long and each weigh about 345lbs. Good job guys!
Pictured: Before and after views of the steel posts and bracing while the wire is being rolled out on an 8 foot high, high-tensile deer and orchard fence in Yerington (Lyon County.)

Enjoy The Spring Weather

Enjoy The Spring Weather
The weather is improving. And everybody wants to get outside and start moving.
To help people enjoy the Spring weather, our crews completed work at the Incline Village Tennis Center.
Pictured: 4 and 10 foot high, black chain link and gates on masonry wall and along tennis courts. Aristocrat ornamental steel on 6×6 redwood posts and Regal ornamental steel stair rails. Incline Village Tennis Center (Washoe County.)

The beauty of Tahoe Fence’s vinyl (PVC) products is in their simplicity and versatility.

The beauty of Tahoe Fence’s vinyl (PVC) products is in their simplicity and versatility. Styles are available that match many variations of our wood and steel fences, including privacy and spaced pickets. They are almost maintenance free.
Normally, it is best to set the PVC posts in concrete. When necessary, We are able to mount the posts to concrete and wood to accommodate existing patios and decks. Upon installation, we notch the rails before inserting them into the posts to provide a clean, secure joint. And because Tahoe Fence makes your gates to match your fence, they are made to fit.
The most common color for PVC fencing is white. However, most styles are also available in tan. There are some other colors, but availability and styles are often limited. There are a multitude of post caps available to dress up whatever fence style you choose and make it distinctly your own.
Where snow and wind loads are a concern, we use metal inserts to stiffen the rails. We can also use metal inserts to add rigidity to the posts as well. It is even possible to make your gates with a metal frame to add strength.
Pictured: White, privacy PVC with a lattice top window mounted to existing concrete in Gardnerville (Douglas County.)

Between a rock and a hard place.

Between a rock and a hard place.
If you do not want to move your fence around natural obstacles, such as trees or boulders, incorporate them into the fence. Tahoe Fence can build most styles of fences up to a natural obstruction in the fence line without attaching to the object.
Pictured: Welded-rod utility panels sandwiched with redwood posts and rails with 2-sections cantilevered around trees in West Lake Tahoe (Placer County.)
Dogear wood fencing with 1×6 boards cut over a boulder in Mammoth Lakes (Mono County.)