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Sometimes things aren’t always as they appear.

Sometimes things aren’t always as they appear.

Take this 7 foot high, custom chicken coop. Steel posts. Redwood framing. Black wire. Steel mesh buried along the perimeter. A netting roof across the entire top.

You think it would be to keep the chickens safe and predators out?

But in reality it’s to keep one giant chicken in.

Kidding. That would have to be a chicken the size of Big Bird!

Regardless of what it’s used for, it is one nice enclosure.

Help protect your home during fire season.

It’s hot out with a chance of afternoon thunderstorms. Must be summer and fire season.
Help protect your home with noncombustible, screened ornamental steel fences and gates.
Call Tahoe Fence for your free quote. 775-882-1063
Pictured: Screened ornamental “Regal” style fences and gates between existing structures and wood fences at Incline Village (Washoe County.)

One thing is for sure

Is life full of uncertainty?

One thing is for sure, sunset at Tahoe is positively beautiful.

Pictured: Sunset at Sand Harbor by Incline Village (Washoe County.)

Does it feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle?

Does it feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle?
Sometimes a change in course is a step in the right direction.
Pictured: Before and after of chain link fencing on a hill moved to allow for new utilities and a retaining wall in the Mound House Industrial Park (Lyon County.)

Something to celebrate.

Were you able to enjoy the 4th of July?

Here’s something to celebrate. To help protect the kids when they go back to school, pipe barrier arm gates with safety orange, white, and blue.

Pictured: Sets of barrier gates in Virginia City for Storey County Schools.